Watkins Glen – 6-8 June 2014

For this year’s 48 Hours of the Glen, I had a passenger for the trip, in the person of a former neighbour who was staying with me for a while during a difficult period at home. He had some experience at track events at Calabogie and is an avid photographer, so he was looking forward to visiting a new track and getting some great shots. We had a smooth drive down Thursday afternoon, arriving just in time to gain access to the track and unload the car at the garage.

There were very few attendees from my home PCA region and another friend and I had two garages almost exclusively to ourselves. We were still on the hook to work the tech line each morning, but others from different regions joined in to spread the load for us. Another friend joined us from Toronto and we shared a room, my neighbour taking a small cabin. Almost all of the old cabins at the Seneca Lodge had been replaced with new, more modern cabins so I must choose one of those in the future. The weather on Friday was overcast but dry and the weekend was mostly sunny and warm – excellent for our purposes.

My car ran perfectly all weekend, the only problem being a blown fuse for the brake lights that was pointed out at the instructors’ meeting Sunday morning and easily fixed. The driving was great as usual and I really enjoyed myself, including a stint where I took my fellow instructor along. His only comment was that I could push a little harder through the Inner Loop, so I felt good about that.

Both my friends had a great time and the four of us spent two enjoyable evenings talking while sipping bourbon and scotch on the deck and eating excellent meals in the Lodge. My fellow instructor’s 2004 GT3 developed a coolant leak which turned out to be a failing water pump, so his driving was curtailed. And my former engine builder overcooked it on the way down the hill in the Carousel in his Cayman R, sliding sideways across a berm and bending a tie rod.

My student was a guy my age with another 77 911 that had been a club racer – no muffler, full cage, etc. It took him all weekend to get back into his former form, but he did OK. I took his son and him both out for a few laps, which helped them both, especially the son. Later I went out alone in Yellow and turned my fastest lap due to reduced traffic.  I did 375 kms in anger and used ½ litre of oil – amazing.

It was a great boys’ weekend out – definitely fun to have friends along.

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