Le Circuit Mont Tremblant – 16-17 June 2014

This year I decided to do one DE event at Mont Tremblant and June is the best month weatherwise. I drove up and unloaded Sunday afternoon after visiting my son’s family in Orleans, bumping into several old friends in the paddock. I had decided to stay at a small Auberge very close to the track, so I checked in there and turned on the air conditioning – it was very hot!

I was registered to drive in the Black group, since I have not been welcomed into the Rennsport instructor group, although I asked in late 2011. After a couple of stints Monday morning, the president of our region asked what run group I’d been in at the Glen, because he said I handled my old car very well. I told him I’d been instructing everywhere else and offered to help if necessary. After I got home and put a video on Facebook, our chief instructor looked at it and “Liked” it, so maybe they have talked and I’ll be included in the future.

On both days the driving was excellent and the car ran beautifully, although it got a little warm in the heads on Saturday. So I retarded the timing a bit Sunday morning to cool it down, which helped a lot. By Sunday afternoon, it was still very hot weather and the valve cover gaskets were weeping, so I decided to stop mid-afternoon and take it home for some mid-season maintenance.

Saturday I spent a lot of time talking with a doctor friend whom I’ve known for several years and that evening we went for dinner at Quintessence, a luxury hotel in which he was one of the initial investors. He’s not involved any more, but it is a first class establishment under new ownership, struggling along in a weak economy. The meal was top notch.

On the way home a truck passed me and threw a stone against my truck’s windshield, starting a small crack at the lower right corner. It will need replacing soon. I will take off the valve covers, adjust the valves and replace the gaskets and the car should be ready for Mosport (CTMP) next month.

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